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We QUANTUM REAL ESTATE.LTD have been authorized to sell 4 very prime properties in Nairobi and along mombasa road..

One of them is 100 acres right behind orbit chemicals along mombasa road touching the new SGR RAILWAY line asking kshs 5 billion...google co-odinates  -1.393784, 36.926642

The 2nd one is 20 acres on tarmac on 1st raw from mombasa road opposite SOHAM PETROL STATION..here are the google co-odinates -1.378851, 36.925988

The 3rd one is a show room & workshop near toyota kenya just before nyayo stadium.this property used to be marshals & foton east africa showroom.its 1.14acres and here are the co_odinates -1.308666, 36.828861

And finally the 4th one is a new commercial twin tower complex within the business hub of kenya in upper hill nairobi,this building was completed in 2016 and has a total rentable area of 147,500sq feet which is charged at a minimum of Kshs 100 or one usd per square feet.the total estimated monthly rent is $ 174,000.currently the building has 65% occupancy.

Please let us know if you would be interested in buying any of this properties and we will be glad to organise a meeting for farther discussions and viewing.